Python Development

Greetings from Crash Course ( We help students and recent graduates learn tech-skills by working on real-world applications.

We are currently working on launching our next set of courses on Web Development and Python. We taught 10 students in closed beta, and they’re ready to work on real-world applications.

In case you need some dev work to be done for your product, let us know. For now, to ensure that the code quality is good, we are restricting ourselves to apps that meet one or more of the following criteria.

- Python-based web app with reasonably simple business logic (no ML, chatbots etc., for now)

- Any static websites / landing pages

- Python-based backend patches - payment gateways, Twilio integrations etc.,

- Python-based SDKs for your APIs

We can do this for 1/5th the cost you would’ve otherwise incurred (or even lesser depending on the complexity of your requirement), and we would love to deliver your apps in a week. The price listed here is the starting price and will vary based on the complexity of requirements.

Type of Development:
Web Development
Mobile Apps Development
Ecommerce Development
Game Development
Programming Languages: